The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Band Saw

The Ultimate Buying Guide To Purchase The Best Band Saw

There is nothing like a band saw to add incredible versatility to your toolbox. This accessory is meant for cutting curves or any irregular shape. That is why every DIY or professional artisan loves having a strong band saw to manage multiple cutting jobs.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional furniture maker, you must purchase the best saw for creating composite angles and cutting straight or tight curves.

Using Band Saw

Many brands in the market strive to engineer a sturdy unit for a reasonable price tag. The market has hundreds of products that are for cross-cuts and straight cuts. However, choosing the right kind of band saw depends on the nature of your project, your level of expertise and your budget.

In this buying guide we are going to highlight some of the most crucial factors you must consider before buying the best band saw. We also recommend a few tested products that are known for their impeccable performance and durability.

Best Professional Band Saw

We have picked our winner for the best professional band saw:

JET JWBS-14DXPRO Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Our winner, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO Deluxe, is the best professional band saw which offers an impressively deep cutting capacity for a multi-faceted performance. The machine provides an ultimate solution to metal and wood cutting. The entire unit is perfect and benefits from solid construction.

  • Convenient to view blade tracking window
  • Blade guide post with pinion and rack adjustment
  • Impressive 12-Inch res-aw capacity for cutting large wood pieces
  • Inventively designed lower and upper cast iron frame for added rigidity and strength

Thanks to an extremely rigid and robust built; it is one of the most durable band saws worth every penny. It has cast iron which is known for its rigidity and strength. The entire machine is so sturdy that it is almost impossible to lift while in operation. The unit functions around 1500/3000 SFPM.

Undeniably, the JET JWBS-14 Deluxe Pro is a fast working band saw that yields an impressive performance. Professional or amateur artisans can cut any material using this incredible band saw.




With an excellent cutting capacity, you can successfully cut around a 12 inches high and 13.5 inches wide plant without any trouble. Users also get an option to raise or lower the blade level for an excellent cutting performance for variable thickness.

The units force and firmness are thanks to its upper and lower iron case frames as well as the blade-tracking window that makes ways for an impressive range of view. Moreover, the integrated blade post enables rack and pinion adjustments. All these elements result in the creation of an excellent band saw that is an ideal addition to many workshops.

Manufactured by JET, which is a leading name in the industry and known for effective engineering solutions, this product is an excellent example of the brand's meticulous manufacturing practices.

The product is a hit on where you can purchase it for a discounted price of nearly $1,030. That means you can save an incredible $178 if you are buying it from Amazon. 

Best Band Saw

Here are our top pick for this category:

Winner: WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw With Worklight

Our winner for the best band saw is the WEN 3962 which has all the handy features you need in a professional band saw. The unit delivers a strong performance with its 3.5 amp motor to function either at 1520 or 2620 FPM.

  • Ball Bearing function
  • Premium quality 
  • Sliding Miter gauge
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Reversible Fence
  • Beveling table

One of the best features of the band saw is its incredibly bright LED work light that you can easily control with an independent switch. The fantastic throat capacity comes in at 9-3/4 inches whereas the cutting height is a decent 6 inches. That is an excellent performance for a 10-inch band saw which also features a miter gauge and a tall fence.

Users are happy to get this easy-to-assemble stand that doesn't take up too much of space. You also get a reliable two-year warranty which is a proof of the brand's commitment to engineering impressive band saws.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw



Another great thing about this product is its tough stand. Without a doubt, the band saw is one of the most robust products which deliver an excellent performance. The WEN 3962 is an ideal product for metal fabricators and woodworkers who work in steel mills.

It is a well-known and respected band saw in the timber cutting industry. The heavy-weight band saw enjoys impressive reviews on It is available for nearly $249.

Runner-Up: Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence

The Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw is perfect for all woodcutting shops that have limited space. The unit is equipped with ball-bearing guides to help the blade stay in line. Moreover, a quick release fence ensures a smooth cutting performance.

  • Cast iron table
  • Tough steel design
  • Powerful motor performance
  • Comes with a rip fence which you can easily remove for freehand work
  • A micro-adjustable guidepost

The table can be angled 45° to the right for making beveled cuts. Users should bolt the saw to a worktable or bench. An open stand is available separately in case you need to save on table/bench space.

That is a reliable addition to any workshop for elevating your cutting performance. That is a perfect band saw which is great for all projects that are sophisticated and time-consuming for other types of band saws. The Rikon 10-inch band saw is the ideal tool to get multiple jobs done with ultimate precision.

Rikon 10-305 Band Saw With Fence



Whether you want to craft sweeping curves or elegant arches, this robust machine does it all in less time. It is a highly recommended product of severe woodworkers who can't imagine a life without this band saw. Thanks to a 2.625-inch re-saw capacity, you can thin any full board.

Another great feature of the product is its affordable price tag. That is one of the most pocket-friendly band saws that boast well-designed features for occasional and professional users.

The 10-305 is known for its consistency and is relatively a cheaper option for accomplishing great results. Thanks to its compact size and impressive dimensions, buyers love the product.

The Rikon band saw has garnered a fair share of favorable reviews on where it is available for a whopping $226 discount. You can purchase it for just $250 on Amazon to benefit from this incredible band saw.

Best Portable Band Saw

Let's take a look on our top recommendations for the best portable band saw:

Winner: DEWALT DWM120K 10 Band Saw Kit

If you are looking for the best portable band saw which features everything all enthusiastic woodmen need, the DWM120K is a great product worth every penny. That is the band saw in the market that saves money, time and resources. The entire kit is a combination of functionality, affordability, and quality manufacturing practices.

  • Industrial-grade 5 inch deep cut capacity for rectangular and round stock
  • LED sight light for easing work in dark worksite conditions
  • Impressive 10 amp motor for a mighty cutting job
  • Thanks to an integrated hank hook, users can easily hang the tool without causing any damage to its castings or front handle
  • Variable speed-dial for taking care of various applications
  • Rubber bumpers and steel shroud to sustain heavy-duty use

The DWM120K is engineered by a household brand that dominates the industry with its impressive string of high-end products. This particular band saw enables artisans to go beyond their limits and produce remarkable results. The best features of this product are its excellent speed and excellent blade tracking.

These features ensure a smooth cutting performance at an affordable price tag. Although it is an expensive model, it guarantees a flawless cutting performance to give you the best return on your investment.

DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Kit



The 5 inch deep cut band saw produces consistent results and has received praises for its quality cuts. The machine works at variable speeds for application and material specific cutting jobs. Moreover, users also value the handy LED light to ease working in harsh job site conditions.

What the band saw is best known for its ergonomic grip options. Thanks to its design, working on more excellent details for a prolonged time is made more accessible. The DEWALT band saw has produced consistent results and is a durable product best suited for tough worksites.

Being extremely portable, you can easily carry it around. The long-lasting blades do not need to be replaced and are engineered to survive impact without any damage. The DWM 120K has collected impressive reviews for its excellent performance and durable components. You can buy used and new models of the product which start from nearly $260. 

Runner-Up: Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Band Saw Kit

What our runner for the best compact band saw is none other than the Milwaukee 2429-21XC M1. Moreover, owing to a spectacular performance, the band saw is a great hand-held tool that reminds us of the effectiveness of compact devices.

  • Perfect hand-held band saw with a light-weight design
  • Compact device
  • Impressive performance thanks to the robust motor
  • Complies with OSHA Guarding Requirements
  • Adjustable blade tracking
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Length: 11 inches
  • 1-5/8" Cut Capacity

Some of the best features of this incredible accessory include its affordable price tag and exceptional cutting capabilities. Thanks to an excellent in-house rechargeable battery technology and tool-designing expertise, Milwaukee M12 is equipped with other potent features.  

The cordless band saw brings a wide range of features to all professional and DIY users. From maintenance technicians to electricians and everyone else, this tool is a compact accessory that is also pocket-friendly.

It is capable of slicing small-diameter plastic and metal accurately and quickly. The device is straightforward to handle, and a secure grip guarantees no fatigue when using it for prolonged periods. The one-handed band saw also impresses with its variable speed trigger, and a strong LED work light to light up the area around the blade.

Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Band Saw Kit



The build of this tool results in a light-weight design. Thanks to its consistent blade speed, artisans accomplish a great deal of work in less time.

Its powerful motor delivers excellent performance and cuts 3/4" EMT in 3 seconds. Another great feature of the tool is its super-efficient XC battery. It holds an impressive blade length to get every job done with ultimate accuracy.

The Milwaukee M12 Cordless Sub-Compact tool enjoys good reviews from several users. It is a favorite item on Amazon. You can buy from used and new models which start from just above $192.

How To Buy The Best Band Saw

When shopping for the best group saw, it is essential to look for a few essential features, so you purchase the best product for your individual needs. Never settle for a mediocre or cheap model that results in a less than desirable performance.

In addition to purchasing the best band saw from a trusted retailer such as Amazon, it is also imperative that you must pay attention to the following factors for making the best choice.


Not all band saws are the same. While some models have sophisticated designs and have the best features, others are hand-held and light-weight devices which are great for portability.

Generally, all products come into different categories. Some of these models also focus on individual tasks other than woodworking such as metal cutting.


These models are commonly among average users. However, most professionals also prefer using this type of band saw. All such models boast the same generic design as the floor-standing products. However, users need to mount this type of band saw to a flat surface. You can also set it up on a stand.

Green Band Saw


Such models are large and are usually at lumber yards. They are great for industrial and commercial use.


If you are looking to buy a band saw for occasional use, go for a light-weight and portable device. Some band saw models are light-weight for maximum portability.

These are great options to choose if you need to carry around your band saw. Although they are not as efficient as benchtop model, these band saws feature the same revolving blade and have almost all the features you desire in a heavy-duty band saw. Portable band saws are engineered to make freehand cuts in objects such as pipes and are rarely adjustable.

Specialty Band Saw

In addition to the types of models mentioned above, there are also some unique models that are for professional such as hunter and butchers.


The speed evaluates how fast a machine can turn its blade around the wheels. More speed means more blade spins and results in flawless cutting.

A few models offer variable speeds. This feature is helpful for dealing with multiple materials. Fragile materials work better with band saws that have lower rates. Choose a model that offers both high and low speeds for a smooth performance.

Cutting Performance

Naturally, the most critical feature you need to check out is whether the band saw is capable of reducing your desired material. Check for adjustability and ease of use when choosing the best band saw. By evaluating how big of a workpiece your band saw selected can cut, you can successfully pick the best model for your project.

The cutting depth indicates the distance from the table to the upper blade guides. Users can check this info for figuring out the maximum thickness of a material a product is capable of cutting. Throat means the distance from the blade of the saw to the vertical frame part and denotes the thickness of cut a product is capable of accommodating.


Another crucial factor in assessing before buying the best band saw is its power. Power motor means a power-packed cutting performance. Such devices come in handy when working on denser and harder wood pieces.

Induction Motor

Choose a device with a decent motor power for effortless cutting. If you end up buying a model with less powerful motor, you may struggle to maintain a proper torque and blade speed. These factors also affect the cutting precision.


Tables refer to the area where you rest your workpieces as you guide them from the table. The tables add to the stability of the unit and help to guide the material through various directions and angles. Go for products with a bigger table as you can saw more prominent materials.

Miter gauges are functional as well and come with a fine fence with the table. Moreover, check for products which come with adjustable angles for making angled cuts in between 45 and 15 degrees. All these options are essential for cutting and add incredible versatility to your product for giving you the best bang for your money.

Additional Features

Apart from these essential features, there are also some added options that improve your cutting experience.

LED Guide Lights

It goes a long way to invest in a band saw that comes with LED lights to illuminate the cutting area. Moreover, you can also track where the blade is going to work on intricate details.


When working with benchtop band saws, it is best to choose a product that comes with a position. It serves as the fantastic bonus to help users set it up at the appropriate height without having to worry about camping it to a flat surface.

Vacuum Ports

These components allow users to connect a hose for sucking away debris and sawdust. That is a great feature to take care of all the stuff that keeps on flying all over the place while cutting. It also reduces clean-up time.

Benefits Of Buying The Best Band Saw

The best band saw is an excellent addition to any DIY enthusiast or a professional craftsman's gear. Not only it saves valuable time and effort, but it also works great for making curved cuts. Thanks to a well-made band saw you can work on intricate details when crafting trim pieces, bed posts and anything that needs more than a straight cut.

Senior Man Using Band Saw


Band saws have long been one of the most favorite fools of woodworkers. In a few cases, a good band saw is all you need to get the job done. Amateur users and first-timers should buy a model that is light-weight. Check product info and review user feedback to know whether your chosen devise is built to cater to your project needs.

By keeping in mind all the information that we enlisted in this buying guide, you can purchase the best band saw for your cutting job. You can also try out a few of our recommended products since they are by trusted manufacturers and have undergone rigorous quality checks.

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