DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Kit Review

DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Kit Review

Structural steel cutting can be a painstakingly long process when not done with high-quality equipment. There are plenty of band saws that do the bare minimum, i.e., not break due to excessive heat and friction, but they aren't able to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Plus, the product features a practical design that houses a strong motor and much more, which leads to you getting precise cuts each time.

About The Product

The Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT is a highly recommended power tool in the market for construction and metalwork because of its beneficial features. For starters, the robust kit weighs a good 15 pounds, which proves its resilience and strength. The sturdy weight of this band saw also sets it apart from the less reliable and flimsy alternatives.

Portable Band Saw Down Side

Intricately designed for the best efficiency without strain, this band saw has ideal dimensions that make it easier for you to use it from different angles while cutting. The ergonomic design enables users to have a better grip of the handle and maneuver the band saw with smooth movements.

  • The weight of saw kit: 15 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 14.2” x 23.5” x 7.9”
  • Includes 10 Amp motor
  • 5-inch cut ability
  • Cuts through rectangular and round stock
  • Features a steel shroud
  • Includes rubber-based bumpers
  • LED lights
  • Style: Multi-position Front Handle
  • Addition of hang hook
  • 120 Volts
  • Power cord type
  • check
    No Batteries needed

Due to its advanced build, this tool can quickly cut through metal as well without producing too much heat due to friction. Plus, with the bandsaw, there is no question you will also have a better time cutting through materials. And that is because the product features a smooth cutting mechanism that produces fewer sparks. 

Most of its benefits stem from its property of a powerful electric motor that efficiently runs at high speeds. The 10 amp motor is constructed to handle the wear and tear of stricter cutting jobs, and its quick starting motion lets you make fast cuts without using up too much energy or worrying about it getting stuck.

For better control over the Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT, you can choose from a range of speeds as to which one is best suited to the material you’re cutting.

With a speed range from 100 sfm (surface feet per minute) to 350 sfm, you’ll be using an all-rounder power tool that can cut through all types of materials you’ll come across. Since you can change the speed through an easily accessible speed dial, expert users can use their instinct to select speeds that are just right for the job.

If you're using the Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT on round stock, you'll get a capacity of 5 inches. In the case of rectangular stock, this capacity is five by 4-3/4 inch. Moreover, the adjustable setting guide for materials gives you the benefit of prepping the band saw for optimum performance, no matter what content you're cutting through.

A hanging hook has already been incorporated into the design so that you can get keep the Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT in excellent condition by hanging it in a way that none of its components are damaged.

DEWALT Band Saw Hanging Hook

This smart power tool has an adjustment feature for blade tracking that keeps the saw blades adequately aligned so that it suffers from less wear and tear on the job site. As a result, you get a blade that lasts much longer compared to those of other saws.



  • Durable construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Large handle for easy maneuverability
  • Powerful 10 amp motor
  • A wide range of speeds for cutting through different materials
  • Versatile usage because of LED lights
  • Precision cutting through different types of materials
  • Power cord can be restricting

What Others Are Saying

Buyers of the Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT are mostly engineers and construction workers who require equipment to cut through various materials easily.

They have given this DeWALT band saw an astonishing number of positive reviews based on its speed and resilience. They commented that its efficient motor powers up quickly enough to make small and precise cuts without wasting too much of it.

Some buyers were impressed with the full speed range and the adjustable setting which allowed them to change speeds based on their preference. Another feature that was considered to be a highlight was the LED lights. According to the buyers' reviews, it is what allowed them to perform numerous cutting jobs in areas with low visibility.

Buying Advice

Despite all its numerous benefits, this product does have some shortcomings when it comes to accessibility. A few buyers face the issue of being unable to perform jobs in remote areas. That is because this band saw is powered by a cord, which makes it necessary that the job site have an electrical outlet and that too nearby.

DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Kit


Other than this lacking, users are quite happy with their purchase and claim that they have no regrets. If you’re interested in buying the Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT, you can purchase it from Amazon at the price of under $300.

Final Verdict

The highly complicated processes of construction and building make it crucial that various types of power tools be used to achieve the desired results within the given time limit. It's immensely beneficial to have a single device that can perform more than one task, even if it does the same job on a broader scale.

All in all, the Portable Band Saw Kit DWM120K by DeWALT makes a great addition to any construction site or workshop because of its durability and versatile functions.

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